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Riot Act
Kevin "Riot Act" Beckrich: Riot is a regional guy,born and raised in Belshaw(Lowell)In. Resides in "Riotwoods" In. He points to his years as a frontman in bands that placed him here today.His musical background and influences are a feature part of his shows, along with supporting the local/up and coming bands, you will also here your all time favorites too ! ! ! On Riot Act's shows, you will get kickass jams, ton's of the craziest shit you'll hear on a live broadcast, and The most in depth interviews with the bands that we all have grown to love so much.

Mad Brad
Mad Brad can potentially mobilize psychological resources and boost determination toward correction of wrong behaviors, promotion of social justice, communication of negative sentiment and redress of grievances. It can also facilitate patience. On the other hand, Mad Brad can be destructive when it does not find it appropriate outlet in expression. Anger, in its strong form, impairs one's ability to process information and to exert cognitive control over their behavior. There is a sharp distinction between Mad Brad and aggression (verbal or physical, direct or indirect) even though they mutually influence each other.

Kevin “Metalwargod Kohlhase” is a product of the 70’s hard rock/metal scene. As a young rocker in the 70’s he grew to love the underground scene as well as the commercial rock scene. My first rock concert was Rush in 1973. Having listened to more of the obscure bands of that bygone era, I honed my skills into searching out all those obscure bands and still do today. I’m always searching for those metal bands that are obscure even into today’s metal scene. I’m a true metal lover and shall bring heavy metal to those true metal listeners. I shall bring you metal in forms of power, progressive, progressive power, melodic power, thrash, female fronted, hard rock, and 70’s hard rock/metal. My aim is the bring the best heavy metal I can to those true lovers of HEAVY METAL!

Corrie Rox
Corrie Rox is a born and raised Chicago girl with a great love for the Local Metal Scene. Her mission in life is to help metal bands "Be Heard" and she supports that through her marketing and promotions company Chicago Metal Rocks, putting together shows and her work as a DJ on Sonic Asylum Radio. She has a unique sense of humor and occasionally we see her "angry inner child" as she spouts off about the injustices in the world. Tune in each week to hear new music mixed with classics by bands from the local, national and international scene. Rock On, Rock LOUD!

Metal Euphoria
Vicki "Metal Maiden" Gambino hits the Sonic Asylum Radio airwaves hailing from New York. Vicki is an avid music fan and long time advocate of the heavy metal / hard rock scene, as well as an alumni Little Sister of the Pi Alpha Nu fraternity, SUNY New Paltz, NY chapter. These integral elements, along with being awakened as a teenager to such bands as Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Rainbow, etc., ignited a passion and true love for the genre that has never wavered and will never extinguish. In addition to playing all the music that satisfies your metal heart from classic to current to underground; Vicki brings her admiration, experience and knowledge to the table, along with music news, concert / show happenings and insightful / informative interviews. It's all about connecting with incredible people, having fun and being a part of the best music community on the planet! Live, laugh, love, and always stay metal!

The Metal Storm
Paul “Pannick” Ochtrup has been around Hard Rock/Metal since the beginning of the ‘70’s. In the spring of 1971 light became dark and his world was forever illuminated in an overwhelming wash of the blackest of dark light, anti-matter, and TRUTH. Previously worshipped gods were revealed to be false and smited from his consciousness; The King Liar and The Fab Four Prevaricators were put to death. Radio was raped, slaughtered and abandoned. Enter the new Aeon. The Golden Dawn had arrived. Darkness and Truth descended to illuminate those who sought redemption from brainwashing and vindication over the falsehoods that had been peddled and instilled in the weak and ignorant. In 1971, the vacuum in Paul’s mind was filled with “Master Of Reality”, “IV”, “Fireball” and, “Killer”. Albums from new bands with weird names like ZZ Top, Thin Lizzy, Nazareth and April Wine replaced the radio, a simple tool for the unenlightened. Darkness prevailed. Truth was victorious. The Golden Dawn is still as strong as it’s ever been since 1971. Through every twist and turn Heavy Metal has thrown, Paul has been there; studying, collecting, writing, recording and performing. The MetalStorm is a cutting edge METAL radio program. It is also reflective. Most importantly, The MetalStorm is for metal fans of all genres, ages and styles of metal.

The Pure Steel Showcase
George Neal was born and raised in the mean streets of Detroit with the passion for music. During George's lifetime he has always
loved and supported anything and everything music. He is an accomplished musician with mentions in the Detroit Almanac and the Detroit museum of history for his work with the band Halloween. His love for music landed him a position with German Record label Pure Steel Records and Sonic Asylum Radio.

The Pure Steel Showcase

The Metal Flashback Show

Randy Kastner PR
I'm a 43 year old lifelong heavy music fan, owner of RK Metal Promotions since 2008, nydm Midwest regional president ... I like bbq,records and cds & true friends ... I have a dog and a wonderful girlfriend ... I hate shit takers who won't back it up in person.

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